Our residential service can be offer in monthly or quarterly pest services as a preventative treatment. Our de webbing service will knock down spider webs all around your home, eco friendly granule treatment will prevent ants, roaches, earwigs, fleas,crickets and other critters from entering your home.

Residential pest control services

Bird Control -Pigeon proofing & spike set up

Commercial pest control services

German roaches are your traditional house roaches. Any food will be contaminated by the roaches can cause illness and sickness. It takes two elements to elimate roaches . 1. Clean out cabinets of old food and kitchen stove from any grease, use bleach to clean. 2. Chemical treatment , flush out roches, dust in voids, spray residual to stop reproduction of roaches.

Identifying points of entry, droppings and stains is the first step to identify the rodent infestation and activity. Our professional technicians will identify the proper rodent and entry points that need immediate attention and rodent trapping program to control infestation.


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Centrex Pest Control Services

Rodent Control services

For our Hospitality customers  and  property management companies  we offer bed bug treatments ,  with the most updated equipment and most efficient chemical  that flushes out this critters and eliminates them. its important for customers to prep well and dispose of infested furniture . Our treatments include use of actisol machine to flush out and instant kill, dust in voids and inside outlets , spray residual treatment inside entire unit. A follow up treatment is included at no additional  cost.

Bed Bug Treatments

Our commercial monthly service  for multi-unit properties consist of interior treatment using gel bait or spray treatments for  apartments with common areas included and rodent control as a preventative control. Commercial business locations are treated interior and exterior. we offer  eco/organic treatment by using gel or granuals. Also rodent control is always recommended for warehouse locations.

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